Self Portrait Project


The goal of the self portrait project is to portray how you are at school vs outside school. I put myself outside school on top, and me at school on bottom. The photographer must be in each photo in some way.

I decided to take pictures of myself doing thing I enjoy outside school such as relaxing on my bed, going to cosplay conventions, and putting on makeup. At school, I enjoy being with my friends, being on the swim team, and I take care of my diabetes.


CD Project



CD100_outUD109 PSDCD100_inThis project was assigned to teach students about how photographs can aid music artists in projecting the tone of their music through their CD cover art. My project is based off the soundtrack for the RPG horror game, Ib.

I chose to use photos that reflected the tone of the game by using objects significant to the story. One of these items is the rose, which represents the player’s life. The paintings are to resemble the setting of the game in an art gallery. The darkness of the photos reinforces the horror feeling in the game, and the high saturation of the photos reflects the different colored rooms in the gallery.