Expressive Portrait

Portrait2 The purpose of this project was to capture a model being expressive. There had to be at least 3 different backgrounds and poses. At least 100 photos were to be taken to ensure that there were a variety of different and unique shots.

I took photos of my friend in photography class who is usually my model. She had a nice variety of expressions and poses that made for good photographs. I tried to capture her natural smile.


Action Sequence Project

Action Sequence

This project shows students how to create an action sequence in photoshop by using layers and erasing part of them. This exposes the part of the photo underneath to reveal a duplicate of the subject. A tripod must be used during this project as the background of each photo used must be the same.

I took photos of my dog at home for this project. It worked out well because it really looks like there’s three dogs in the house. This photo is cute because the dog has no idea that there’s three versions of it in this photo idk



Double Exposure Project


The double exposure project is done to teach students about how to combine two photos into one. Traditional double exposures layer the two exposures and are permanent. Photoshop double exposures use layer masks and can be changed to view different results.

I took a photo of my friend and placed a photo of some Autumn trees behind her outline. I then chose a light color from the photo of the trees and placed it as the background color. The result is a photo with a cool or chilled feeling.

Panning Project

Parker_Audrey_Other_PanningParker_Audrey_Other_Panning copy

This project is to teach students how to use panning in photography. To take a panned shot, one must follow a moving subject to capture it in focus with a blurry background. Using this technique shows the subject in motion and creates a dynamic photo.

I took photos of cars on a small field trip, the fast-moving cars provided a good subject for panning. Other subjects I took photos of include dogs, students, and school carts.