Lens FLare

Parker_Audrey_Lens Flare Tutorial

This photo was made with an image taken at my school and Photoshop techniques. The result makes the day look brighter and gives off an aesthetic

This photo was made with the help of a Photoshop tutorial in class

Lens Flair and Lighting Effect: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/lens-flare/


Layer Blending

Parker_Audrey_Layer Blending TutorialParker_Audrey_Layer Blending Tutorial

This photo uses different layer blending techniques in photoshop to create a surreal image. This image has 3 separate images blended together to create the final result.

I used a Photoshop tutorial in class to create this image

Still Life


The purpose of this project is to study inanimate objects and take photos of them. Using different angles of light was encouraged to create interesting points of view and unique shadows.

For my own project, I took a photo of my insulin pump and changed its colors. I used different angles to ensure that the device was viewed from different sides.