Photo Essay


This is the photo essay project. The goal is to tell a story using only photos. For this project, I took photos of my friend at school and edited them in Photoshop.

This photo essay is about studying and how much work high school students have to do. It can be really stressful, and sometimes students need to take a break when they’re overwhelmed.

Photo Essay Examples Examples of photo essay

Awesome Colorful Poster Tutorial

Parker_Audrey_Photoshop Tutorial 6

This project makes a colorful and exciting poster by altering the colors of an image and putting the image on a bright background.

I chose a photo of my friend jumping because I thought it’d make the poster more exciting. The letters make the project seem more “poster-like” I hope this photo is very inspirational and will help you pass your exams

Awesome Colorful Poster Tutorial:

Polaroid Collage

Parker_Audrey_Photoshop Tutorial 5

This is the polaroid photo project. Despite looking like a hard project, the polaroid collage is easy. All that needs to be done is creating clipping masks, using the rectangle marquee tool, and finally copying layers.

I chose a picture of a flower for my  polaroid collage because there can be a central photo with a flower in it that really stands out. All the surrounding photos add to the beauty of the first one.


Lens FLare

Parker_Audrey_Lens Flare Tutorial

This photo was made with an image taken at my school and Photoshop techniques. The result makes the day look brighter and gives off an aesthetic

This photo was made with the help of a Photoshop tutorial in class

Lens Flair and Lighting Effect:


Layer Blending

Parker_Audrey_Layer Blending TutorialParker_Audrey_Layer Blending Tutorial

This photo uses different layer blending techniques in photoshop to create a surreal image. This image has 3 separate images blended together to create the final result.

I used a Photoshop tutorial in class to create this image


Grunge Photo

Parker_Audrey_Grunge Photo Tutorial

This photo is made to look “grunge” with the rough border. I made the border a little too thick but it still looks fine.

I made this photo using a Photoshop tutorial in class.


Digital Painting

Parker_Audrey_Digital Painting Tutorial

This photo was edited in photoshop to look like a painting. It looks like a painting with a lot of blue and aqua.

I used a photoshop tutorial provided by my teacher in order to create this painting-like photo.


Still Life


The purpose of this project is to study inanimate objects and take photos of them. Using different angles of light was encouraged to create interesting points of view and unique shadows.

For my own project, I took a photo of my insulin pump and changed its colors. I used different angles to ensure that the device was viewed from different sides.


Expressive Portrait

Portrait2 The purpose of this project was to capture a model being expressive. There had to be at least 3 different backgrounds and poses. At least 100 photos were to be taken to ensure that there were a variety of different and unique shots.

I took photos of my friend in photography class who is usually my model. She had a nice variety of expressions and poses that made for good photographs. I tried to capture her natural smile.


Action Sequence Project

Action Sequence

This project shows students how to create an action sequence in photoshop by using layers and erasing part of them. This exposes the part of the photo underneath to reveal a duplicate of the subject. A tripod must be used during this project as the background of each photo used must be the same.

I took photos of my dog at home for this project. It worked out well because it really looks like there’s three dogs in the house. This photo is cute because the dog has no idea that there’s three versions of it in this photo idk