Alphabet Project

Parker_Audrey_Alpha The goal of this project is to spell a word using objects found around the school as letters. These items can by anything small like a pencil, to something as large as an archway. The photos are then converted to black and white using Photoshop. After they are all black and white, and cropped to the same size, the photos are arranged in order to spell the word.

I spelled the word “sugoi,” which means awesome in Japanese. It’s an easy word to spell with good opportunities for creativity in the letters. In my opinion, the G is the most creative letter in the word. One of my favorite parts of this project is that large structures outside, and small objects inside the class were used to spell the word.



  1. codygraham01 · February 12, 2016

    1) The best part about this project is how you didn’t do an english word. I love how you used a Japanese word.
    2) With the letter “G” could of been a little bit more visible. I couldn’t tell that its was a G


  2. roguephotographyblog · February 12, 2016

    the best part is that you made a non english word while the letter could be made easier to read


  3. samisphotoblog · March 11, 2016

    I love this and all of your pictures!


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